Application wishlist

As many excellent apps you will find here, as many people probably miss their personal favorite. This is just a little collection of elementary applications that are either waiting to be revived, only live in the form of mockups or even only in the heads of wishful thinkers.

If you are a developer please squash some elementary bugs or help out other developers first. Or do you own thing: Any item on this list is a good place to start your own elementary project.

If there is another app for elementary you are missing desperately, feel free to file an issue at GitHub to get it added to the list (or develop it yourself and tell us about it).

Name Generic Info
AppCenter (in-development) Software Store Planned elementary app, expected for elementary 0.4 Loki. Often requested replacement for Ubuntu Software Center, currently in development, could be finished with the next major version of elementary.
Synposis (abandoned) Archive manager elementary needs something to replace file roller that looks out of place
Auth App Two-factor code generator A generator for two-factor authentication codes similar to WinAuth
Dexter (abandoned) Contact Management Abandoned elementary application, was part of elementary 0.1 Jupiter. Should allow syncing with contacts in cloud (Google, Microsoft, Apple, self-hosted).
Dropdown Terminal Dropdown terminal Lightweight dropdown terminal that integrates seamlessly with the desktop environment, similar to the GNOME Shell Extension.
elementary shortcut System A nice way to learn the elementary shortcuts. Source bassultra
Fantasy (abandoned) book Reader There’s a demand for a dedicated .epub reader for elementary OS (and a book store if possible). GNOME Books might be a useful resource. Relevant Launchpad bug.
Font Manager Font Manager A good font manager, better than NexusFont. Include downloading from free font resources directly from inside the app, provide categoriziation via library data
Indicator Night Indicator An indicator adjusting the screen color to time of day, like f.lux. Maybe also include the option to switch to dark theme depending on time of day.
Indicator Share Indicator Similar to what Microsoft could have done with the share button in charms: You select something, click on the indicator or use a shortcut, and can immediately share it via services (in online accounts and specified in settings) in one click. The app detects the type of the selection (image, text, link…) and tries to share appropriately.
Indicator Standby Timer Indicator An indicator that allows the user to set X minutes after which the system automatically goes into standby.
Keepass Password manager A handy and snappy password manager/keyring based on standard KeePass database format. The existing KeePassX uses WX Widgets, KeePass2 uses some other stuff, and they both look ugly. Plus, a bit more system integration (like indicator, auto-paste, etc.) would be sweet.
Lingo (abandoned) Dictionary App Abandoned elementary application, was part of elementary 0.1 Jupiter. Should have integration with a web-based dictionary like to have big and updated database.
Messenger Multi-messenger Similar to Pidgin (pretty good) only with native integration (GTK3, headerbars, …)
Office Suite Office Suite By popular demand, but probably an undertaking as big as the whole elementary project. Writer is the only currently existing app that could be part of this. A spreadsheet and presentation app only exist as mockups so far.
PDF-Shuffler (abandoned since 09.2013) PDF Management GUI to merge multiple PDF files into one document.
Process Viewer Process viewer There is no easy way to view (and sometimes kill) the running processes. Being able to view the CPU and memory load would be also nice.
VC Client Client for git (& others?) Maybe something like described in this blog entry, or something similar to GitHub’s desktop application available on Windows and Mac.

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