elementary apps is a resource for 3rd party software designed for elementary (OS), a fast and open desktop operating system. It was was started on 1st January 2015 at r/elementaryos, with some inspiration. It is now hosted on GitHub (repository), so if you find an error or want to add an app, file a report or join the chat.



Check the template file. To add an app, name the file accordingly, fill in as much info as you know and make a pull request.

Please mind, that web requires a whole url including http(s):// (https preferred), while all specific links only require the part after the domain. So becomes github: lorem.


  • Apps should be targeted towards elementary and written in GTK3, exceptions may be made
  • Projects which have stopped working in the current release and have not seen updates in 4-6 months will be hidden by published: false


Every app should have at least one, high-quality screenshot (issue #2).


  • Preferably show the app at work instead of just the welcome screen. For example a video player should actually play a video when the screenshot is made.
  • Only capture the application window and cut off the picture right at the window border (shadows will be added by CSS), unless interaction with the desktop environment is a vital part of the app (for example Indicators).
  • Make the windows as big as necessary (should still look usable and beautiful), as small as possible.


Community sites


  • Backend originally based on Jekyll Now
  • Octicons
  • Google Webfonts for Raleway (headings), Open Sans (body), Source Code Pro (monospace)

Coming soon: